Soho Tallboy

Soho Tallboy

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Sleek and Sophisticated Clean straight lines and a sleek curved design make the Soho Tallboy a stylish bedroom choice. Displaying all the qualities that timber is renowned for, the Soho is simple, clean and elegant. Maximise Your Space The Soho Tallboy is a handy addition to any bedroom allowing you to keep your room tidy by utilising its quality storage capabilities. Three large drawers and two smaller drawers provide ample storage space to help de – clutter your living spaces. Quality runners and durable yet stylish handles ensure the drawers open and close easily giving you simple access to your personal belongings.  Dimension: 94Wcm x 45Dcm x 102Hcm  Strength & Durability The Soho Tallboy is made from the finest quality materials to ensure long lasting quality. The Soho is strong, resilient and durable giving you a tallboy that maintains its visual appeal and functionality for years to come. Enjoy these Benefits Affordable price Long lasting quality Ample storage space Sleek and Sophisticated  Get next day delivery All products in stock are eligible for Sydney CBD next day delivery. Ask us if you can get your Soho Tallboy by tomorrow.



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