Panelled Custom Upholstered Wide Bed Head

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Panelled Custom Upholstered Wide Bed Head

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Wide Luxury Style The Panelled Wide Upholsetered Bed Head creates a luxurious style statement that’s on trend. This wide bed head features a plush, padded head board with split-pannel effect. Its premium bed head style  flaunts a modern contemporary vibe that compliments your interior style 100% Australian Craftsmanship Excellence Proudly 100% Australian Made, this wide head board is hand crafted using the finest locally-sourced materials. Featuring remarkable craftsmanship, this head board is carefully constructed and upholstered by local artisans to provide you with a stylish and durable wide head board that lasts.  Fully Customisable This wide head board is fully customisable to suit your needs. Choose from myriad choices of stylish fabrics from Australia’s Best Upholstery Brands – Zepel or Warwich. Meanwhile, have complete control over every aspect of this wide head board’s design and customise its specifications, measurements and construction to ensure you get exactly what you want.  Dimensions External Dimension Width (W) Queen-Wide 273 cm King-Wide 303 cm   Enjoy these benefits Chic wide head board  Timeless yet on trend Modern Contemporary stye head board 100% Australian Made Made by Hand  



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