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Exclusive Hydrowood Tables

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We are very excited to bring you a range of Hydrowood Timber tables, including Chris and Kim’s winning table from the Terrace Challenge in The Block 2016!

For a very limited time we are offering all of our Hydrowood tables at the SALE price of $6500. These tables usually retail for $18,000, that's a saving of $11,500!

The tables can be custom made in a range of Hydrowood Timbers including;

CELERY TOP PINE – Celery Top has a pale straw colour when freshly cut and darkens to pleasing gold tones with age. Celery Top is prized for its durability, stability and lovely fine-grained texture. (Kim & Chris' table had a 20mm Celery Top).

BLACKWOOD – A rich golden brown and has a medium and even texture. Its grain can either be straight or have a wavy fiddleback pattern. Ideal for furniture. 

WESTERN BEECH – A striking wood with rich red, pink and brown tones. 

GOLDEN SASSAFRAS – Also known as Tasmanian Sassafras; golden in colour yet has the most variable and dynamic colouring. 

The standard dimensions of the tables are; 2400mm L x 1100mm W x 750mm H but we can make them a in range of sizes.

The tables feature angled, box timber legs with middle foot support but talk to us if you would like another leg design.

For custom orders or to discuss our Hydrowood range, please contact us.

About Hydrowood

If you see the Hydrowood logo, you are assured that your furniture piece has been made using furniture grade Hydrowood with the standards and guidelines that are effective when manufacturing with Hydrowood.

Hydrowood’s furniture grade timbers are the only timbers within the Hydrowood range that are accepted for furniture manufacturing, and by purchasing your item with the Hydrowood Furniture logo, you can be assured quality and excellence, with only the best materials and standards.

Look for this symbol when purchasing any Hydrowood Furniture, and please contact us if you have any questions in relation to Hydrowood Furniture.



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